Work Safety

Work Safety is our Top most priority we always ensure that provision of a safe environment, safe equipment and safe procedures on the workplace must be there for workers health and safety.

Implementation of work safety

  • Work Zone Inspection :-

    We inspect working zone to avoid any hazards on the work site for examples drops-off , slopes, bumps in the road, overhead obstructions etc.

  • Lift Setup Inspection :-

    We conduct lift setup inspection for our workers safety.

  • Operation Safety :-

    We ensure operational safety by taking precaution in terms of capacity, giving guidelines to workers to wear helmets, gloves, and boots while working.

  • Fall Protection :-

    Fall protection is one of the most important aerial lift safety protocols. To avoid such hazard we use safety guardrails, we inspect protection equipment, we guide workers to wear to wear full body harness etc.

Precautions We Take For Our Workers Safety

  • We Guide our Members to be aware and identify workplace harzards.
  • We Implement Workplace Safety Programs.
  • We provide proper safety training to our workers.
  • We use Protective Safety Equipment for our workers.
  • We Report Unsafe Working Conditions.
  • We Practice Correct Posture.
  • We Reduce Workplace Stress.
  • We Promote Regular Breaks.
  • We Give Easy Access to Exists in Case of Emergencies.
  • We make provision for medical aid.
  • We guide our Members to stay Sober and Alert.